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January Talk - Healing and self-healing:
This Talk is about healing and self-healing and how to improve your life, by using the healing energy in your everyday life. In this Talk Marzcia will introduce you to how healing works and how the healing meditations are performed.

For over 20 years, Marzcia Techau has used healing meditations to support her clients and students. Healing meditations differ from other meditations in that you consciously connect with the spiritual world and healing, and thereby gain greater access to support, help and insights into yourself and your life.

February Talk - Sensitivity and spirituality:
This Talk is about sensitivity and spirituality. In this Talk, Marzcia will discuss how being a highly sensitive person can be seen as a gift. It will introduce you to ways you can consciously connect with healing energy and receive inspiration from the spiritual world by connecting with yourself.

Professional groups working in care, health, education, and similar fields often struggle with giving more of themselves than they can replenish before returning to work the next day.

This Talk will provide concrete tools to navigate everyday life better, while also leveraging your sensitivity to connect with an energy source that can replenish you. It will also explore why your empathy is crucial in your work and why it can be demanding to be in such close contact with others.

March Talk - What happens when we die?:
This Talk explores the topic of what happens when we die. Marzcia shares insights from her many years of spiritual work with the dying, their relatives, and her experiences with contacts with the deceased.

The discussion covers biological aspects of dying, people's accounts of near-death experiences, and past lives.
What can the spiritual and the acceptance of the soul contribute to the difficult time before and after death?

April Talk - Strengthen your intuition:
This Talk is about strengthening your intuition to become more aligned with yourself and your path. Marzcia will discuss how you can better connect with your intuition or gut feeling, both from a spiritual perspective and through meditation or other tools. This can help you decipher your autopilot thoughts and patterns and get to the essence of what is right for you and what choices will benefit you.

Marzcia will also explore how you can integrate these tools into your life and enhance your connection to your intuition. When you listen to your intuition, there is rarely anything random - the path is yours to see.

May Talk - When the spirits come calling:
This Talk is about when the spirits come calling, focusing on Marzcia's own development with spirituality and the challenges of accepting her abilities.

It offers guidance on how to you can learn to handle spirituality, your own abilities, and sensitivity.

The Talk also discusses stories from Marzcia's first book, which is only published in Danish and shares the same title as the theme of this talk: 'Når ånderne banker på' (When the Spirits Come Calling). Her first book is a biography covering her childhood up to her adult life.