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The Spiritual Practice plan

The Spiritual Practice plan

The Spiritual Practice plan is where I share my daily recommendations for you to work on your spiritual path and recommendations to make more room for loving presence with yourself. The Spiritual Practice plan is where you can practice your spiritual mastery with me. It doesn't get any easier. Every month you will find the monthly Spiritual Practice plan here below on my website. By following the plan and practicing along with me I will invite you to dig deeper into what spiritual fitness is for you and to GROW your Spiritual Mastery.
I offer you a PREMIUM membership as the jet-stream to GROW your Spiritual Mastery. This is the interactive plan that gives you full access to all features in the Spiritual Practice plan and a 15% discount on all healing meditations. Join PREMIUM to join me LIVE in the weekly healing meditations and in the LIVE Q&A every month.
Enjoy 50% off the PREMIUM PLAN the first three months of 2024 if you order before the end of January.
Join the ESSENTIAL membership to GROW your own spiritual practice and expand your inner peace. The ESSENTIAL plan gives you exclusive access to two monthly ESSENTIAL meditations, weekly personal GROW exercises and a monthly masterclass to explore the theme of the month. Everything delivered directly into your mailbox every week. AND you get 10% off all healing meditations.
If you want to find out what spiritual fitness is for you before you commit. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for inspiring posts several times a week with my recommendations about the daily focus in the Spiritual Practice plan. Every month I will share the Spiritual Practice plan for FREE. You will have my introduction to the theme of the month, and I will recommend a FREE meditation every month. Every week I will share my recommendations for a kind and self-caring practice. See the plan for the daily focus and join the FREE membership by following me on Instagram and Facebook.

Introduction to - Sensitivity and Spirituality - the theme for Spiritual Mastery February 2024

Welcome to Spiritual Mastery.  The theme for February is Sensitivity and Spirituality. When you are a sensitive person, you often feel the energy and feelings of other people and that can be quite disturbing. However, this sensitivity is also a very good opportunity to sense the spirit world, the divine and the healing energy surrounding us.

Because of the correlation between being highly sensitive and being able to sense the spirit world , the focus in February is how to use your sensitivity to sense the spirit world. The focus is to train your senses to be connected to yourself and the spirit world instead of your surroundings to be in a good place when you are among other people.

If you’re interested in this training, join me for February’s Spiritual Mastery practice. See the practice plan below for the daily focus. You can choose to join me as a PREMIUM member for LIVE healing-meditations and LIVE interaction in the monthly Q&A’s and have access to all the ESSENTIAL practice. The ESSENTIAL membership gives you the theory behind our work in monthly masterclasses, two ESSENTIAL meditations each month and weekly exercises to build your spiritual foundation.


If you’re curious and just want to try spiritual fitness, check out my FREE Spiritual Practice plan and follow my social media. Every month I will share a FREE audio meditation for you to dig into the theme of the month. There will be kind recommendations about the daily focus, FREE grow exercises and a divine community to share your development with.

Thank you for being here I’m so excited to practice with you!

Do you want an indication of you level of sensitivity? Dr. Elaine Aron has made a simple test you can take on her website:

Are You Highly Sensitive? – The Highly Sensitive Person (hsperson.com)


Download spiritual practice plan here:

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