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The Spiritual Practice plan

The Spiritual Practice plan is where I share my daily recommendations for you to work on your spiritual path and recommendations to make more room for loving presence with yourself. The Spiritual Practice plan is where you can practice your spiritual mastery with me. It doesn't get any easier. Every month you will find the monthly Spiritual Practice plan here below on my website. By following the plan and practicing along with me I will invite you to dig deeper into what spiritual fitness is for you and to GROW your Spiritual Mastery.

Go for the PREMIUM membership for the interactive plan that gives you full access to all features in the Spiritual Practice plan and a 15% discount on all healing meditations.

The PREMIUM membership gives you LIVE healing every Friday and a LIVE healing meditation afterwards. Every month we come together in the LIVE Q&A this is our exclusive possibility to share questions and answers on the spiritual path and to mirror our experiences along the way. I will give you and the community my advice and reflections on the topic. When you are a member you can always watch the recorded LIVE shows afterwards whenever you want If you are not able to attend the LIVE show. This access is only for active members.

PREMIUM membership also gives you exclusive access to two monthly PREMIUM healing meditations and a monthly TALK to explore the theme of the month. Everything delivered directly into your mailbox every week. The PREMIUM meditations are for you to keep, if you want you can download them onto your own device.

This is the movement to GROW your SPIRITUAL MASTERY and expand your inner peace.

 If you want to find out what spiritual fitness is for you before you commit. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for inspiring posts several times a week with my recommendations about spiritual practice. Every month I will share the Spiritual Practice plan for FREE. You will have my introduction to the theme of the month for FREE, and personal GROW exercises every month to support your spiritual and personal development. I will recommend a FREE meditation every month. Every week I will share my recommendations for a kind and self-caring practice. See the Spiritual Practice plan for the daily focus and join the FREE membership by following me on Instagram and Facebook.


The theme for Spiritual Mastery

The Spiritual Practice for May is about my own story and how my collaboration with the spiritual world started. I will share how I experienced my spiritual awakening as I hope that it can be a help for you on your path.

Thank you for being here I’m so excited to practice with you!

Download spiritual practice plan here:

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