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Components Included:

• Spiritual Practice Plan
• Video Introduction to the Theme of the Month
• Recommended Free Meditations
• Recommended GROW Exercises
• Meditation of the Month
• Talk's or Lecture of the Month
• Distant healing every friday
• LIVE Healing Meditation for the week
• Access to all previous LIVE Meditations (Recordings)
• LIVE Q&A Sessions
• Discounts

Components Specified:

Spiritual Practice Plan:
Join our vibrant community and practice alongside Marzcia. Receive Marzcia’s recommendations tailored to your spiritual journey, guiding you towards mindful living and self-awareness and invites you to dig deeper into the theme of the month for FREE on Facebook and Instagram.

Video introduction to the Theme of the Month:
Embark on a monthly exploration of profound themes through our engaging video logs. Gain insights, reflections, and practical tips that align with your spiritual path.

Recommended FREE Meditations:
Access a curated selection of meditations designed to enhance your practice and promote inner peace. Every month Marzcia will recommend a FREE meditation for your spiritual practice.

Recommended GROW Exercises:
Discover empowering ESSENTIAL personal GROW exercises that nurture your mind, body, and spirit, guiding you towards holistic well-being.

Meditation of the month
Every month you will receive two PREMIUM healing meditations to support you in your spiritual practice and personal development. The meditations are specifically chosen to match and support the theme of the month in the Spiritual Practice plan. The meditations are sent directly to you, and you can use them as many times you want.Talk's and lecture of the Month:

Dive into the heart of our monthly themes with in-depth ESSENTIAL masterclasses and lectures. Gain profound knowledge and wisdom to enrich your spiritual understanding.

Distant healing every friday:
Everyone in the PREMIUM plan receives distant healing every Friday at 7.10 am CET +1. You can receive the healing any time you like, just make sure to give yourself time to take the healing in and embrace yourself in the healing energy that is sent to you.

LIVE Healing-Meditation for the Week:
Join Marzcia and our healing-community every Friday at 8.10 am CET +1 for a live meditation session. Experience the power of collective energy and embrace the healing energy that surrounds you.

Including Access to all previous LIVE Meditations (Recordings)

LIVE Q&A Sessions:
Engage in live Q&A sessions with Marzcia.
Seek insights and guidance about the monthly theme and your spiritual practice.
Explore the depths of your inquiries in a supportive environment.

15% off the healing meditations.